Foreign Students Benefit From Studying in China!

In recent years, China has welcomed a growing number of students from overseas, especially from the BRICS countries, in part due to the five nations’ close economic and trade cooperation and international exchanges.
Brazilian student Igor Eduardo Fortes Li, currently pursuing his postgraduate studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, emphasizes that China’s extensive history, vibrant culture, and welcoming populace present an exceptional avenue for personal growth. Having resided in China for 15 years, Igor, 29, highlights China’s significant developmental potential, particularly evidenced by its remarkable economic strides over the past four decades of reform and openness.
According to Igor, the visionary Belt and Road Initiative epitomizes a sagacious endeavor aimed at fostering a global community with shared aspirations. Rooted in the wisdom of Chinese civilization, this initiative is characterized by equality and collaboration, transcending hegemony. It stands as a collective endeavor to enhance the quality of life for all. 
A Russian counterpart, 24-year-old Victoria Bonkaeva, an undergraduate at Beijing Language and Culture University, narrates her nearly decade-long journey of learning the Chinese language, ignited by captivating Chinese television shows and melodious tunes. Despite initial apprehensions about adapting to a new milieu, Bonkaeva swiftly found her worries allayed upon arrival in China. 
She extols China’s rapid technological and economic advancements, singling out the convenience of the Alipay system that pervades daily transactions. The integration of technology into everyday activities, such as ticket purchases, online shopping, and doorstep deliveries through various applications, has rendered life remarkably effortless. Echoing sentiments of admiration, Anastasia Kalgonova, a 29-year-old Russian postgraduate at Beijing International Studies University, praises China’s intellect and hospitality. In her eyes, China’s technological leaps resemble the futuristic landscapes depicted in science fiction novels. 
Additionally, she commends China’s resolute efforts in poverty reduction, a progress she observed firsthand during her visit to the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. The Belt and Road Initiative, she notes, has fostered a new generation of international students who serve as a bridge between their home nations and China, enhancing the effectiveness of the initiative. Irina Kazak, a 26-year-old Russian pursuing a doctoral degree at Beijing Jiaotong University, chose China as her educational destination due to its outstanding academic opportunities and its ascension as a global economic and technological powerhouse. She marvels at China’s leadership in artificial intelligence, electronics, and information technology, which provides fertile ground for innovative breakthroughs. 
Among China’s feats, the development of an extensive transportation network, including high-speed trains and subways, garners her admiration for its seamless connectivity. Underpinning the dynamic Belt and Road Initiative, students like Igor, Victoria, Anastasia, and Irina concur that it serves as a catalyst for economic collaboration and sustainable global growth. Their experiences underscore its role in nurturing cross-cultural bonds, facilitating knowledge sharing, and ultimately fostering worldwide harmony and prosperity.

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