Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

Key universities in China, with a focus on engineering and coordinated development across multiple disciplines.


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Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: 1,260 USD/Year(10 months); 630 USD/Semester;

Accommodation Fee: 420 USD/Year(Double room); 840 USD/Year(Single room)

Application Materials

3.1 Fill in the application form online.
3.2 All use pages of your individual passport.(scan the passport photo page and allvisa pages).
3.3 A recent color photo of the applicant.
3.4 Personal resume, fill in online.
3.5 Graduation certificate and degree certificate.the highest academic transcript and the scanned copy of the graduation certificate and degree certificate.( Non-necessary, if you have, please provide it to us.)
3.6 The physical examination/health certificate must be stamped by the physicaexamination institution or hospital or signed by a doctor.
3.7 Certificate of No Criminal Record.

3.8 Evidence of financial support.(Non-necessary, if you have, please provide it to us.)

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