Shenyang University, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

Shenyang University is a provincial key university with a focus on engineering and coordinated development of multiple disciplines.


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Graduate Programs(English-Taught)

Business Administration (MBA)

Graduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

Environmental Engineering | Mechanical Industry | Materials Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Logistics Engineering | Architecture and Civil Engineering | Chinese International Education | Accounting | Modern Educational Technology | Primary Education | Psychological Health Education | Preschool Education

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: 2,800 USD/Year(Chinese-Taught); 3,200 USD/Year(English-Taught)
(Cost includes cultural practice courses: 280 USD/year)
Accommodation Fee: 140 USD/Month(Double room); 105 USD/Month(Quad room)
Scholarship: 410 to 2,750 USD/Year
Evaluate once a year based on school performance(Scholarship coverage rate of 20%)

Application requirements

1) Application Form for International Students at Shenyang University International Education Exchange Center;
2) Resume;
3) Graduation certificate (requires English notarization);
4) Final academic certificate (requires English notarization);
5) Degree certificate (requires English notarization);
6) Student Transcript (English Notarization Required);
7) Graduate students are required to provide two letters of recommendation and a study plan;
8) One copy of the front page and one copy of the blank page of the passport;
9) Bank statement;
10) 7 photos (4.5 * 3.5cm);
11) Certificate of No Criminal Record;
12) Positive side of qualified physical examination.

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