Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai City

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law is a higher education institution characterized by legal education, with multiple disciplines including talent cultivation, academic research, and civilization creation.


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Graduate Programs(English-Taught)

International Law | Criminal Law

Graduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

International Law | Environment and Resources | Protection Law | Economic Law | Law Theory | International Politics and International Rule of Law | International Business

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: 3,600 to 4,100 USD/Year(Chinese-Taught); 6,900 USD/Year(English-Taught)
Accommodation Fee: 150 USD/bed/year(Double room)
A: Free tuition and accommodation fees;
B: Free tuition

Application requirements

1) Application Form for International Students from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (automatically generated after filling in the application information in the registration system)
2) The highest degree graduation certificate (non Chinese or English must be translated and notarized)
3) The highest academic transcript (non Chinese or English versions require translation and notarization)
4) Economic guarantee letter or personal deposit certificate (Economic guarantee letter requires the guarantor’s personal signature and a copy of the guarantor’s valid passport and personal information)
5) Foreigner Physical Examination Form (within 6 months)
6) Passport copy
7) Passport photo
8) Certificate of No Criminal Record (within 6 months)
9) Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (required for applicants of academic programs)
10) Study and Research Plan for Undergraduate Students in China (Please provide if applicable)
11) Two copies of recommendation letters (in Chinese or English) (undergraduate students are required to provide; master’s students must provide. The recommender must have the title of professor or associate professor)
12) Proof of study in school (proof of departure) (required for applicants who have worked or studied in China)
13) Copy of temporary residence permit (required for applicants who have already worked or studied in China)

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