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Online Training Program

Cross border e-commerce and postal express delivery industry

Introduction to the program

Time: 30 days
Language: English
Invitational Object: Middle and senior managers from foreign postal administrations, postal companies, logistics enterprises, express companies, cross-border e-commerce enterprises and academic institutions
Content of Courses:
Theoretical teaching: including the development and evolution of the Urhiversal Postal Union and China’s postal express industry, the new land and sea corridor in the west and the construction of the Chiina-Europe block train international railway corridor, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Logistics, Security and Technical Equipment ofPostal Express Industry, Cross-border E-commerce and Postal Express Industry Supervision and Cooperation, Application of Digital Econoay and Artificial Intelligence in Cross-border E-commerce and Postal Express Industry, Operation and Management of Cross-border E-commerce and Postal Express Industry.
Practical investigation: Including field visits and research of postal administrations, postal companies, logistics enterprises, express delivery enterprises, cross-border e-commerce enterprises, to understand trganization and development of cross-border e-commerce and cross-border postal express, as well as the latest technological development and application.
Cultural communication and exchanges: including Chinese traditional culture and Chongqing local culture, China’s national conditions, Chinese language and food culture exchanges, on-site visits tomuseums, ancient towns, enjoy the city and natural scenery, comprehensive, to provide students a real and multi-dimensional pictureof China.

Discussion and negotiation: experts and scholars, postal adminiistrations, cross-border e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises, Postal express enterprises and students to discuss the difficulties andcountermeasures in cross-border e-commerce and postal express industry, explore new models of cross-border e-commerce and logistics cooperation, and build a platform for cooperation betweeall parties.

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: Free;

Application requirements

Under the age of 45;
Good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
An electronic ID photo;
Personal information page of passport;
Employment certificate;

Non-criminal record report.

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