Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

Key universities in China, with a focus on engineering and coordinated development across multiple disciplines.


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Graduate Programs(English-Taught)

Petroleum Engineering | Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

Graduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

Mineral prospecting and exploration | Earth Exploration and Information Technology | Geological Engineering | Solid geophysics | Mineralogy | Petrology | Mineral Depositology | Geochemistry | Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering | Petroleum Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Software engineering

Fees & Scholarship:

Tuition Fee:
Chinese-Taught: 1670 USD/Year;
English-Taught: 1810 USD/Year;
Accommodation Fee:
Single room: 1,230 USD/Year;
Double room:615 USD/Year;

610 USD/Year/per person;

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