North China University of Technology, Beijing City

North China University of Technology, located in the western part of Beijing, is a municipal university founded in 1946.


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Undergraduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

Computer Science and Technology | Digital Media Technology | Information Security | Electronic Information Engineerirng | Communication Engineering | Microelectronics Science Engineering | Electric Engineering and Automation | Automation | New Enerrgy | Science and Engineering | Traffic Equipment and Control Engineering | Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation | Mechanical and Electrical Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Industrial Design | Urban-rural Planning(5 years) | Architecture(5 years) | Landscape Architeture | Visual Communication Design | Environmental Design | Civil Engineering | Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering | Urban Underground Space Project | Construction Management | Business Administration | International Economics and Trade | Accounting Economics and Finance | Law | Advertising | Intellectual Property | Statistics | Information and Computer Science

Undergraduate Programs(English-Taught)

Architecture | International Economics and Trade | Electronic Information Engineering | Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee:

2,700 USD/year(Chinese-Taught);
4,100 USD/year (Science and technology majors)–English-Taught;
3,600 USD/year (Liberal arts majors)–English-Taught;

Accommodation Fee:

Double room: 140 to 180 USD/bed/month;
Single room: 230 USD/month


Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship:
A: Free tuition;
B: Free tuition for one semester

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