Huainan Normal University, Huainan City, Anhui Province

It is a comprehensive undergraduate institution with teacher education as its characteristic.


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Brief Introduction


Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: 1,400 USD/Year
Accommodation Fee: 300 USD/Year
A: Tuition free and living stipends of 1,370 USD/year;
B: Tuition free and living stipends of 1,100 USD/year

Application requirements

1) Application Form for Foreign Students from Huainan Normal University;
2) A notarized certificate of the highest education level. If the applicant is a current student, an additional certificate of enrollment issued by the school of study must be submitted (a notarized Chinese or English translation must be attached for texts other than Chinese and English);
3) A notarized transcript of academic performance (texts other than Chinese and English must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation);
4) Study or research plan in China (no less than 800 words) (written in Chinese or English);
5) A copy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form must be filled out in English, and the original copy should be carried with you when coming to China;
6) Copy of the applicant’s passport;
7) 4 recent ID photos (the same size as passport photos);
8) Letter of Guardianship for International Students;
9) Proof of no criminal record.
Other: Various award certificates, including relevant certificates and certifications obtained in sports, arts, and other fields. Welcome students to provide various proof materials that can showcase their talents.

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