Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

Top Chinese universities; Located in Shenzhen, with developed economy, convenient transportation, and wide employment opportunities; Scholarship available.


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Undergraduate Programs(English-Taught)

Computer Science and Technology | Software Engineering | IOT(Internet of Things) Engineering | Data Science and Big Data Technology | Electrical Engineering and Automation | Electronics Science and Technology | Communication Engineering | Opto-Electronic Information Science and Engineering | Electronics Packaging Technology | Artificial Intelligence | Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation | Industrial Design | Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering | Additive Manufacturing Engineering | Energy and Power Engineering | Robot Engineering | Intelligent Equipment and Systems | Intelligent Construction | Eco-Engineering of Environment | Smart Materials and Structures | Intelligent Building and Intelligent Construction | Engineering Management | Big Data Management and Application | Computational Finance | Business Adiministration | Accounting | Electronic Business | Finance | International Economy and Trade | Economics | Digital Economy | Integrated Science | Digital Media Art

Undergraduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

Economics | Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation | Energy and Power Engineering | Electrical Engineering and Automation | Communication engineering | Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering | Robotics Engineering | Computer Science and Technology | Data Science and Big Data Technology | Accounting

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee: 4,200 USD/Year;

Accommodation Fee: 140 USD/month/bed + 280 USD deposit(Single room); 70 USD/month/bed + 140 USD deposit(Double room);


A: Guangdong Province Scholarship: 1,350 USD/Year;

B: Shenzhen Universiade Scholarship: 5,500 USD/Year;

C: HITSZ Scholarship: Tuition waiver + 140 USD/month; Tuition waiver; 20%~50% deduction of the tuition.

Who can apply?

Be a high school diploma holder or its equivalent.

Application Materials

Application Form at HITSZ (filled in online);
Passport home page;
Notarized previous school diploma or degree certificate;
Notarized official transcripts;
Language qualification certificates: Chinese-taught program: HSK level 4 > 210 scores;
English-taught program: TOEFL> 80 , IELTS> 6.0 or other equivalent English language proficiency certificates;
A photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form within 6 months);
Valid non-criminal record report (within 6 months);
Bank Statement (enough to cover your expenses);

Payment receipt of application fee.

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