Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing City

It is a high-level university with outstanding advantages and significant influence in the field of information and communication.


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Undergraduate Programs(English-Taught)

Computer Science and Technology | Marketing | English

Undergraduate Programs(Chinese-Taught)

Marketing | Business Management | Big data management and application | Communication Engineering | English | Automation | Electrical Engineering and Automation | Robotics Engineering | Internet of Things Engineering | Smart Grid Information Engineering | Measurement and control technology and instruments | Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation | Mechatronic Engineering | Intelligent manufacturing engineering | Information Security | Jurisprudence | Intellectual Property | Radio and television director | Product design | Digital media art

Fees & Scholarship

Tuition Fee:

2,100 USD/year

Accommodation Fee:

600 USD/Year(double room);
1,200 USD/Year(single room)


City Award:
3,400 USD/year
School Award:
First class: 840 USD/year
Second class: 550 USD/year

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